Oddziały Armii Kanadyjskiej w Europie

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tim pisze...

Very Nice!

Just so you know - I don't think the Canadian Forces never used American Woodland Camoflage on thier kevlar helmets of vests- which it looks like you've painted on their helmets and vests. When they went to the kevlar helmets they were using CADPAT camoflage covers (http://www.army.forces.gc.ca/lf/English/2_display.asp?product=108) - though, as you have painted yours, while they were converting over there were some troops still wearing the Olive Drab uniforms.

Other than that, everything else is "close enough"!


rrober pisze...

I saw a photo of canadian soldier in American Woodland Camoflage of his vest and helmetin one publication about war in bosnia (maybe Concord Publication).
Look here - elements of American Woodland Camoflage on vests:
(second soldier)